Currently here in early 2024, the domain name still just represents the avatar of a single keyboard truther playing around with a couple unique web domains and patriotic designs.  Driven by a message of truth and unity with a humanitarian purpose to tie it all together in the end, the creator of these concepts has kept it hovering at hobby status for seemingly years now.  However, the timing seems perfect to dust it off and push it out to attempt to spark interest and support for what it represents.

The creator of this project is not unlike so many other similar, awake & like-minded patriots today who genuinely desire to personally find a way to help in some way to do more and have a personal effect on correcting our country’s future. Although creative and opinionated online, the creator is private, humble and desires no real personal accolades or attention other than to push forward this grouping of ideas as his personal contribution to help changing history for the betterment of the many.

The domain was originally obtained numerous years ago as an idea to combat athlete flag kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner. The domain’s meaning has now since transformed into a cohesive understanding that we are all united under the banner of the USA. We are all Americans. Our differences, especially superficial racial skin tones, should unite us, not divide us. We, the People, are Fans of our God, the Constitution, 1A, 2A & all the Bill of Rights, our Liberty and God Given Freedoms. Essentially is for Fans of the USA and everything it stands for.

The first concept design, that of a fist in the foreground of our great flag, represents strength and loyalty to Liberty’s cause. All fists together represent a uniform populous front, millions of citizen patriots, united. The second concept design is put forward to help support Trump in a clever, pop patriotic way, incorporating the number 19 which represents him as the true 19th President of the Republic going back to 1871 after US Grant. Is it art or a movement? Both hopefully. American society is desperately longing for a reason and way to come together and have a voice. The creator presents the American people with

The creator of has also launched beta to post & link to valuable information that is still being heavily censored across all social media platforms. The purpose of is ‘Aggregating Truth’. Truth via video has been highly censored for several years now and the public on a whole is still in the dark because of raw censorship. MillionFanMarch itself was cancelled from Facebook for sharing too much truth and is still shaddow-banned on X. The creator was constantly in Facebook jail and was permanently banned from Nextdoor for also sharing truth. is seen to be a direct counter-offensive tool to combat ongoing censorship via aggregating truth, info, videos, links and alt-News links.

The third and final aspect of this creator’s project is humanitarian in scope and has to do with directly participating in the upcoming Nesara/Gesara movement that is currently being set in motion worldwide. In the creator’s excessive imagination, the combination of and could create enough interest, support and success to, not only contribute in some way to help spread truth get Trump elected in 2024, but that proceeds from promoting and developing will directly benefit the creation of all things, a no-kill, free range dog sanctuary to be located ideally in Colorado and to be known as the Rocky Mountain Dog Ranch aka

To sum this all up, the fantastical goal of this ‘pop art’ patriotic project would be to quickly transform it into a serious citizen movement that appeals to the masses in a simple, straightforward and patriotic way that most anyone can participate. The creator wishes to unite patriots via, spread truth via, and having the residual bip-product fund the planning and development of the properties and operational trust.

As of today, February 5, 2024 very few people are aware at all of the existence of any of this. Essentially, is roughly a million fans shy of a million fans.  This is the Starting Line. Ready, set… go. is Patriot-powered.
God Bless The USA.
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